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Sunday, November 25, 2007

SCC Hollywood Bollywood Night

Last nite was SCC DnD and I was very fortunate to be there with them. Since its a Hollywood Bollywood night, I dress myself in Sari.(easiest...dun need to think...hehe)

Don't ask me why my face look so white coz I'm not the one who did my makeup. Was at Taka earlier and there was a roadshow on Kanabe products. They were having a makeover thing too. Since I need to makeup later for my DnD, I might as well go for the makeover. It costs $65 which consist of makeup, do my hair, a simple photo shot for competition(I got an A4 size back) and can redeem $50 worth of products.

Btw, I'm still sick. Now I even lost my voice. Sianz. Have to get well soon coz exam is round the corner again. Must jia you!!

5:08 PM, ♥Ting Ting♥

Monday, November 19, 2007

A New Beginning

Today is my first day at Envipure. Almost late as I leave home late again. Haha. I never wake up late but somehow will always end up leaving my house late coz of my "ai tu" habit.

Had orientation for the first half of the day and after that went for lunch at causeway point with wj & my dept head verene. After that had a dept meeting to brief me on what I will be doing and did some work and went home. Was having a hard time to remember all the things that the company is doing coz it is a totally different and new industry to me. Will try my best to remember and understand.

Tomorrow have to wake up early again. Wanted to catch an earlier bus coz today was almost late. Hehe.

Butter Factory 171107

Went butter factory with Alicia and Joon coz both of them had no been there before and Alicia had always wanted to club with me but don't have the chance until that day.

Meet Joon for dinner first at Holland V. Went to a Japanese barbaque restuarant. Can't remember the name of that restuarant le. The beef and Hotate is really nice but its damn expensive.

Took some photos of orchard road when we were on our way to butter factory. Some photos are very blur due to my shaky hands and the car is moving.

Don't know what is the thing in this photo coz its was taken by Joon and he himself also don't know what he took. Hahaha...

9:15 PM, ♥Ting Ting♥

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Solemnization of Alicia & Leonard

Last Day with SCC
Time files. Tomorrow will be my last day with SCC. I will definitely miss my colleagues there especially some of them. I decided not to mention any names. Had one of my lowest time in life there. Really thanks those who had helped me to pull through. Without them, I may have gone into depression. I also enjoyed the times having lunch, gossiping, joking....etc with all of you. You all make my stay at SCC an enjoyable one.
I'm really looking forward to SCC D&D next Saturday. With the effort and time spent, really hope that it will be a successful one. =)

9:22 AM, ♥Ting Ting♥

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Farewell Dinner 07/11/07

Last Wednesday, I had a farewell dinner with my department at Hot Stones at Clark Quay. Ordered Sirloin steak. The portion is really big for me. Think the meat is 300g and it comes with a side dish and 3 different types of sauces. Liked the wasabi mayo most. By the way, the greedy me also added another side dish on top of what I’m having because I simply can’t resist MUSHROOM! Haha. That’s why I can’t finish my steak.

Its really fun because you get to cook your food yourself on the sizzling hot stones but there is one part which I don’t really like, which the oil splashing onto my face and clothes. Luckily, I used a serviette to cover my bag. If not, my bag will be oily too. Eeeee…

After our dinner, we took some group photos at the bridge and the rest headed home while I waited for Joon to pick me up to Zouk to meet Cat.

As usual, holiday eve on a Wednesday night at Zouk is chaotic. Its so crowded there and the queues were all so long. After an hour, we gave up queuing and decided to check out Dbl O but its also having long queue. In the end, me & Joon decided to catch a movie while Cat joined her frens at some Ktv pub.

Guess it is not my night coz when we reached cineleisure to check out the timeslot, all the timeslots for the movies that I wanted to watch was either too late or the show already started. Sianz… Ended up having supper at Suki sushi and went Kentridge Park to chat awhile and headed home.

Congrats to Alicia & Leonard 11/11/07

Last Sunday I was invited to attend the solemnization of Alicia & Leonard at the Grand Corpthrone Waterfront Hotel at 1pm. However, I woke up really early because Vreniz will pick me up at 845. She had to go down really early because she is the make-up artiste for Alicia. I was really happy as I was invited to share their joy of becoming man and wife. Congratulation to Mr & Mrs Lim. Hehe. Everything went on smoothly except that they took out the “you may kiss the bride” part. Didn’t expect that they are so shy. Haha.

As you can see, my close friends are getting married one by one. You may think its abit early for them but to me, if you found the right person, why not? =)
Don’t know who will be the next?? Definitely not me…lolx.

P.S. Will post the photos taken at their solemnization when I got them. Stay tune…

1:45 PM, ♥Ting Ting♥

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Dear all, I'm finally back to blog again. Please pardon me for my lack of entries as I was really busy at work and my home pc is very laggy.

Went for a short weekend trip a week ago. Consider it was a rest and relax trip as it was raining there everyday. The weather there was really wet wet wet and I din really get to go outdoors. Haha.
However, I really loved that resort that I went to. Although its abit more expensive than other resorts, the room is really big and the resort upgraded our room to a seaview one. Shiok.
The best thing that I liked about the room is the bathroom. Its SUPER BIG. Hehe...

Treetop Arasia

This is what they called Buggy there

The super big bathroom with the tub in the middle

The dressing table is also in the bathroom

The balcony

The private outdoor jacuzzi

View from the balcony

This photo was taken discreetly by my friend

Messy hair coz I was caught in the rain

Went to Bukit Timah hill for a hike with vreniz and her colleague quite sometime ago. Just received the photos from her.

I will try to blog again soon. Actually wrote this blog on saturday but only able to post it up today. Have to get back to work. Another busy day.

12:39 PM, ♥Ting Ting♥




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