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Friday, October 19, 2007

Blessed Me

I have a GOOD NEWS to announce!

I have found a New Job. Yes and all thanks to my lovely weijing. Hehe. Her company had offered my a post with a much higher pay. I'm so happy.

Ger, I really owe you a big dinner.

I also tender my resignation to my current company today. I will definitely miss all my colleagues there. Especially those who helped me through my bad times. Really can't bear to leave them but I have to move on, to look for a better future. =)

Oh...there is another thing. Not a good news though.

I'm having migraine more frequently nowadays. It's like attacking me thrice already for this month. Haiz...must be my lack of sleep. Tired...Tired...Although I'm really tired now, I just don't wanna sleep.

Btw, I changed my blog song again. And if you really listen to it, you will realize that its a christian song. Although I'm not a Christian, I found this song really nice. Can't stop listening it. Haha.

Alright. I shall stop here. Tomorrow is Saturday. Hope you all have a enjoyable weekends. =D

9:25 PM, ♥Ting Ting♥

Monday, October 15, 2007

Hari Raya

Visited Amelia last saturday. Have not seen her for months and she has grown "bigger". Haha. But she is still as cute and adorable and naughty too. As usual, asked me lots and lots of questions when sometimes I really don't know what to answer her. I really missed her and she missed me too. Should have visited her more often.

Played jia jia ju with her. She also sang 881's yi ren yi ban and dance for me. Hehe. And the naughty ger asked me to sing and dance for her as well but I didn't. Hehe. =P

Left around 530pm coz I'm meeting Joon for dinner before heading down to Dbl O. This is the first time I left so early. I know she was very disappointed. I can see from her face. =(
Promised to visited her more often and told her that she can call me whenever she misses me.

After I left MeMe's house, Joon picked me up at Junction 8. Went orchard for dinner and accompanied him to get his photos done and to borders to look a book and then headed down to Dbl O to meet the gers.

Its been a long time since all of us showed up. We used to be clubbing khakis during poly time. Doing all those crazy things, getting drunk etc... Really heart them. Gers, I will never forget those happy and sad times we spent together. And I really wanted to thank you all to be by my side during my darkest times. Thanks.

Anyway, had a really great time that night but sorry that the group photos are abit blur. Hope you all enjoyed too. =)

My Great Bunch of Gers:

Joon & me

Garret & me (His ray's fren n i dunno y he wanna take a pic with me...)

And lastly, the lovely couples:

James & Vreniz

Veron & Eugene

Alicia & Leonard

Raymond & Yvonne

11:00 PM, ♥Ting Ting♥

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Gown

Remember I said that I tailor made a gown for veron's wedding? I finally got the gown. I'm so in love with it now. Hehehe <3

And the best part is that I got it at a very very reasonable price. =D
Can't wait to wear it during veron's wedding. Haha

Anyone wanna make a guess on how much the gown is?

I will reveal the price soon.

P.S. For those who already know the price, just keep quiet okie.

11:00 PM, ♥Ting Ting♥

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Carousel @ Royal Plaza on Scotts 06/10/07

Brought my sis there on Saturday for her belated birthday. We were really lucky to get a table especially on weekends because we did not reserved one. There were lots of variety and and I ate until really full. How I wish I will be able to eat more... Sigh... There are lots of things I didn't managed to eat.

Btw, currently there are promotion for citibank and UOB credit card holder. There is one for one for citibank card holder and a 15% discount for UOB card holder. However, I don't know when will the promotion end.

Delicious food

I had da xiao yan tat day (Dunno y most of the pics I took tat day had this problem...haha)

The Happy ger

The Fulfilled me

After our high tea, we went to cineleisure to buy movie tickets because I will be meeting Joon to watch I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry.

Its a funny and nice movie but the story line is just normal. For those who wanna just for a laugh, its a good movie to catch. However, you must be at least 18 to watch this show because its a M18 movie. =P

After the movie, we went to chill out and had a long long chat. Yes. Its a really long chat coz by the time I reached home is already 5plus in the morning. Lolx. And the funniest thing is that we ended up at Changi airport again. Went there twice in a week with him. Actually we did not plan to go there but we were so engrossed in chatting that he missed the exit to ECP. Hahaha.

I think I will stop here because my com is really laggy. My com is dying. Shall update again soon.

12:01 AM, ♥Ting Ting♥

Monday, October 8, 2007

It's such a TORTURE...

Sigh. I have not been sleeping well for the past few weeks. Only managed to sleep well after taking the medication that the doctore prescribed to me. But after I finished the med, I can't sleep again. Btw, the doctor only gave me a 5 days prescription. Although there times whereby I'm so tired that I can fall asleep without much trouble, I will wake up numerous times in the middle of the night again. Sadzzzz.... I'm really tired now.

For me, Not enough Sleep = Migraine.

Anybody have any ideas whereby can help me to have quality sleep again?? If you have any ideas, do let me know by tagging me. Thanks.

Ok. It's my lunchtime now and I'm going to take a nap. Shall blog about what happened on the previous week tonite.

12:58 PM, ♥Ting Ting♥

Monday, October 1, 2007

Sun with Moon 24/09/07

We went to Sun with Moon at The Central after work to celebrate my boss's birthday. Although i feel that the place is very small but the settings and food is nice. =)

Our boss treated us ice-cream after the dinner and we decided to walk around clark quay and to show her where is MOS. Lolx... We walked one big round and back to The Central. I bought some pretty muffins from Parsley & Cream before heading home. Took photos of those lovely muffins.

Lovely Muffins

My Favourite - Hazal Nut

Double Choc

The happy ger

Mid-Autum Festival 25/09/07

Finally, I bought the Guess bag that I have been eyeing. Got it at a 15% discount because of UOB credit card. The bag is in Purple. Will also upload the photo soon. Haha

After work, met Gary for dinner and went to sentosa to play candles. Haha. Its been a long time since I last played candles. It really bring back my childhood memories. Sentosa was not crowded at all. But you still can find different groups of people along Siloso beach enjoying the sea breeze and playing with lanterns n candles.

By the time we got back to Vivo, it is already 11plus. I decided to take a cab home. Waste money on cab again. =(

Classes 26/09/07 & 28/09/07

Had my classes at FTMS. Oh god, the classroom is damn small and they tried to squeeze so many people in a small class room. On top of the usual tables and chairs, they added chairs with side table (erm...I dunno what you all call that but its those type you will see in lecture rooms).

Although the lecturer had a sense of humour but sometimes I really found him talking too much irrelavent things. Think he should use those times to go through more questions (which he hardly do). Btw, he is from NP. Think he had taught me before but I can't really remember. Hehe. Old already. Got short-term memory. =P

Shutter & MJ 29/09/07

Woke up early and headed down to admiralty to meet veron, amy & pj for mac breakfast. However, we were all late and we missed the breakfast period but we still decided to have mac. After breakfast, bought bubble tea and headed down to veron's house.

We watched Shutter. (I know the movie was quite sometime ago but all of us have not seen it) The movie is really scary. Its consider scary to me because I'm a very timid person. Think the scariest scence is where the lead actor was driving with his gf when the female ghost was following his car. The actor was so scare that he keep on accelerating but finding that the ghost is getting closer and closer. Finally, the ghost just floated beside his car outside the window. There were also other scences which are scary. Just watch it and you will know.

After watching Shutter, we started to play MJ. We stucked at Dong Feng for 1hr plus. That was really long. Haha. We ordered Canadian pizza for our late lunch and took a break from our slow MJ. We played for two rounds and finally ended our MJ session around 9plus. Then we headed down to 888 for our dinner cum supper. Duhz... A very sinful day for me. Mac...pizza...then supper...

Finally home sweet home at 1130pm. I fell asleep on the train. Luckily I will always wake up automatically when reaching my stop. =D

P.S. I'm really sorry for the lack of updates and photos because my pc is dying soon. The monitor already die 1 month ago and I'm currently using a small and old monitor. The pc is always lagging. Really don't feel like using the pc. So currently, I will only blog during lunch time if I'm free. Have to get back to work. Will update again soon.

1:40 PM, ♥Ting Ting♥




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