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Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Blogskin...

Changed my blogskin today...Hope u all liked it...^_^

Hmmm...actually nothing much to blog abt today...
Was really busy at work today then 4plus then have time to eat lunch...
So much work to do...Sianz...
The worst part is tat still need to do things which i shd not be the one doing...
Dunno wat that stupid dept doin lor...
Everyday like very busy but dunno they busy with WAT???

Doing yr end closing now and auditors coming soon...
Help! Help! Help!

Btw, not going to sentosa le...
Hmmm...nvm...still got chance de...
Anyway, going to Dragonfly this saturday again...kekezzz... =P

Is this my destiny, my fate? I wonder...

10:12 PM, ♥Ting Ting♥

Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm Sad & Confused....

I'm sad & confused...it seems like i'm going to be lost in the darkness again...


9:45 PM, ♥Ting Ting♥

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Finally out to PARTY again!!!

After 1mth plus of resting...finally get to go DRAGONFLY!!! That place rocks but din really enjoyed that much though...Missed going there with Cat!!! Anyway, took some pics with my colleague in the toilet...(Ya...in the toilet again...best place to took pics when clubbing...lolxxx....)

Celestine & Me <33

I liked the effect of this pix... =P

Me =)

Went to watch Stomp the Yard yesterday with my sis n her fren jialing...Really heart that movie <33>

Isn't them look COOL!!!

The next movie i'm going to watch will be Mr Bean's Holiday!!!

Going to Sentosa this coming weekend...its been more than half a year since my last visit there...the last time was there to celebrate Veron's bday...Although i see sentosa everyday(coz once my office is jus opposite sentosa), i din get to go there...will sure take lots n lots of pix this time...keke...

Hao qi dai wor.... ^_^

Is this my destiny, my fate? I wonder...

8:39 PM, ♥Ting Ting♥

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mount Faber is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Went to Mt faber last night to chill out with a fren...to tell u all the truth tat is it is my FIRST time to Mt faber lor...haha...i'm so sua gu... =_=!
The scenery there is very beautiful and the atmosphere is damn romantic lor...but too badzzz...I'm not there with my Mr Right...(I'm still looking for my Mr right...=P) din bring my camera along too...Sadzzz....

We had a bottle of red wine and later i ordered another mocktail...the mocktail had a very fantasy name...its called "CINDERELLA"...haha...my favourite fairy tale...however, i was abit disappointed coz it tasted like fruit punch lor...lolx...

Next time if i got the chance to go there again, i will sure bring my camera and take lots of pics...Yeah...

Is this my destiny, my fate? i wonder...

10:09 PM, ♥Ting Ting♥

Friday, March 16, 2007

I Hate Liars!!!

Why do they have to lie to me?? Is there really nobody i can trust??
Am i too difficult to confide in? Or am i too demanding to begin with?

Is this my destiny, my fate? I wonder...

10:38 PM, ♥Ting Ting♥

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Doing nothing much...

Basically, i have been doing nothing much recently...everyday i was like work, eat & sleep...Work, eat & sleep lor...Damn no life!!!

I missed clubbing...i missed dancing... i missed DRINKING!!! When can i go club again???

Was bored after lunch today so took 2 pics of my work desk...

My EVO IX <33

My work desk

My EVO IX was a christmas gift from a fren...i noe its not cheap ok...Although its not in my favourite colour, i still HEART this gift...<33>

Oh...did you saw the 3 cute little toys on my work desk?? they are all from pipi...she got these cute little toys from those vending machine where each try is like $2/$3...(I can have a meal le lor...) You shd see pipi's work desk lor...she got an area on her desk where she have all her collections there...(U will faint if you see the number of toys she had....lolx...) Really dunno how much $$$ she had already spent on all these cute little toys...Everytime when we go out, if she sees those vending machine, she will sure look for cute little toys tat she like & begged her bf to let her have a try for the one she liked...sometimes, she will ask me:"Do u feel lucky today? i give u $2 and u choose the machine u like n c if u can get the toy u like..." haha...

Btw, 3 more mths and i will be able to get my bonus...$$$$...i need more $$$...Hope they will increase my pay too...I was damn underpaid lor...SADzzz.... ='(

10:20 PM, ♥Ting Ting♥

Monday, March 12, 2007

I Think I'm Rotten!!!

I know i know...i did not blog for a long time...coz nothing much happened these few weeks...been rotting at home almost every weekend but due to Cat's request, here i am to blog...(Ger...this blog is all because of u okay...see i so good to you... =P)

Okay...as what i had said, i have been rotting at home...doing nothing much actually...Been reading books which my sis borrowed from her sch library...I have finished The Bondmaid, The Shadow of A Shadow of A Dream (short stories) and halfway through The Teardrop Story Woman...All 3 books are by Catherine Lim. I liked her book coz all stories are locally based...so currently i'm engrossed in reading her books...hehez...

Oh... Btw, i have not gone clubbing for a month...my khaki have been really busy so no khakis to club with me...(Ger, when r we going to club again...i'm rotten le... Really bored like siao lor...haiz...)

oh ya...wanted to share these few pics with u all...Found them really interesting coz the photographer used the concept of fairy tales...

Snow White

Little Red Riding Hood

Princess & The Pea


Among all the fairy tales, Cinderella & Little Mermaid are my favourite...I liked cinderella coz i wished that i can be like her, living happily ever after with her prince charming...i liked little mermaid coz i pity her...she loved the prince so much that in the end she sacrified herself inorder to save the prince...Once, i asked someone that whether i will be cinderella or little mermaid and he said that he will never let me be little mermaid. He promised that i will be cinderella but in the end.....it became an empty promise...People changed...they changed so fast that when u realized they have changed, its already too late...Will i ever be able to be cinderella or will i be like little mermaid??

Is this my destiny, my fate?? I wonder.....

8:05 PM, ♥Ting Ting♥




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