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Thursday, February 22, 2007


Finally I got the time to blog...Time flies...its a brand new year again...Let's welcome Mr & Ms Piggy as this year is Piggy year...hehe

Last year had been a bad year for me coz I fan Tai Sui...All sorts of unlucky things happened on me... irregardless of big and small... So this year is a brand new year for me... Let the past be gone and i'm looking forward for this brand new year... =)

Had alot to achieve by the end of this year so i can't be lazy anymore...I have to keep reminding myself every minute that i had to work hard to achieve my goals...Actually i had already forgot my goals when something happened last year which really hurts me...I nearly gone into depression but with the help of my beloved frens & my little sis, i managed to walk out from the darkness... I can't say i'm 100% alright now coz things happened and i can't forget them. I can only choose not to remember them...

Was emailing my frens today when they talked abt their goals and that was when i suddenly felt so empty coz i have no goals at all...So from today onwards, i have my new goals and i wanted to achieve them... ^_*

Back to cny, took some photos during chu 1 when we go granny hse to bai nian...

Tao hua which my mum will buy every year..Will i have gd tao hua luck this yr??

My dad & Me

My Parents (Nan de they took pics together...hehez)

My Little sis & Me

My Family photo

Have not been doing much during cny. only went to a few place to bai nian then the rest of the time i stayed at home...watched Ghost Raider with my parents, sis & xiaoyi on chu 2...not a really fantastic show but still enjoyable...All my aunts came to my house for a feast on chu 3. Ate alot and after lunch, we played poker cards with the kids...

Initially was to kai gong on chu 4 but i got a mc instead... Doctor diagnosed that i have Labyrinthite.

Medical description
The labyrinthite is one of the possible affections of the inner ear which affect balance. It is characterized by an ignition or an infection of this part of the ear. One can speak "about internal otitis". However, one more usually employs the term "labyrinthite". It refers to the labyrinth, together of osseous and membranous elements which forms the inner ear.
Inside the labyrinth three semicircular channels place which have three functions: the feeling of position of the body, the maintenance of the position upright and the movement of the muscles of the eyes. It is thanks to tiny sensory lashes which paper the wall of the channels that these functions are filled. The lashes move according to the movements of the head and send signals of position to the brain. The eyes send also information of position to the brain, just like of other centers of balance of the body. During a labyrinthite, there is inconsistency between the signals of the labyrinth and the other signals. Consequently, the brain has evil to interpret what occurs, from where giddinesses.
The labyrinthite can affect only one ear or both. In both cases, the affected person has the feeling which it turns on itself or which the external environment turns around it.


  • Giddinesses: erroneous feeling that the objects of the environment move around oneself, or conversely.
  • Loss of balance (often associated a movement of the head or body and occurring on the side of the affected ear).
  • Nauseas and vomiting.
  • Hearing impairment affecting the sick ear.
  • Whistles, buzzes of ears, acouphenes.
  • Involuntary movements of the eyes.

N.B. It is necessary to consult urgently when the following symptoms appear: persistent convulsions, fainding, vomiting, giddinesses accompanied by a fever of more than 39 ºC.

Medical treatments
The disease generally disappears from itself at the end of a few weeks. Except in the event of complications, the treatment will essentially consist to relieve the symptoms and to eliminate the subjacent cause (for example, to treat a bacterial infection). It will also be necessary to apply systematically described practical measurements a little further.

In the end, the doctor din give me any medicine except a few tablets to stop my giddiness which i dun think it helps at all...Hopes tat after a few days/weeks time that my ear will recover...

Gotta to go sleep le...tml still have to work...Good Nitez...

9:12 PM, ♥Ting Ting♥

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Went Dragonfly!!!

Hihi...i'm back...been really busy shopping for CNY goodies with my family n doing spring cleaning during the weekend so did not have time to blog...

Went Dragonfly with Cat last friday coz her fren Ben is now singing there...Quite a cute guy la but seems abit tao...maybe he is busy ba...but i dunno...also saw Sly as he was singing there too...the live band was really great n entertaining lor...Really HEART <33 the Live Band there...hehez...However, its very crowded there every night...queued very long to get in lor...Alot of pple say dragonfly got alot of ah beng but i find there alot of uncles & aunties instead...LOLx....

Me & Cat taking pic in the toilet again...

Here's another one...haha

Btw, will be going to Dragonfly again this Friday with veron, vreniz, cat & some other frens...Will get a table this time coz wanna to finish my bottle opened since my birthday, if not its going to expire soon...Gotta bring my camera n take lots of pics...haha...wanna take pic with Sly lor... =P dunno got the chance ma...hehez...

Haiz...so late le...gtg n have my beauty slp...hahaha...Actually been feeling really tired these few days...Good Night & Sweet Dreamz!!! =)

11:30 PM, ♥Ting Ting♥




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