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Monday, January 29, 2007

Busy Weekend...

Went shopping with mum and sis again last Friday...Mum wanted to get a dress and some cosmetics...Its very difficult to find a dress that is nice, she can fit & most of all she likes...Luckily we manage to find one for her and i paid for it...Hope that its not a one time dress...(coz she always will only wear it once then left it in the cupboard)

Also bought some cosmetics from Red Earth...actually not some but alot...hehe...Got this cute demin bear as a free gift...u can move its hands and legs..and it had a heart printed on its left feet...So CUTE...

The cute Bear

Also got a free makeover coz my mum asked me whether i know how to use all the product anot then the sales girl volunteered to do a demo on me n teach me how to use all the products we bought...

Me after the makeover (not really visible hor...)

Went to Yoou's Place to dye my hair on Saturday morning...dyed my hair black n highlighted it with red strips...Watched Babel with pipi & colin at suntec city before going down to Dble O with Cat & her frens...It was crowded as usual and the songs were good...Drinks were damn cheap too...Haha...Enjoyed dancing there but had muscle ache on my thighs now...Guess i'm really lack of exercise...LOLX...

Me & Cat (Clubbing = taking pic in the toilet...Haha...)

Spent whole sunday doing spring cleaning...I had very sensitive nose and without a mask = running nose n puffy eyes in the end... =.=

Really tired now coz did not sleep well again...Gotta sleep early today...tml will be a busy day at work coz have to do mth end closing...Will update again soon...*Good Nitez & Sweet Dreamz...* ^_^

9:54 PM, ♥Ting Ting♥

Monday, January 22, 2007

Celebrating the Birth of Ace!!!

Baby Ace

Yesterday went to my cousin's house because Ace is 1 mth old...He is my cousin's 2nd baby...He is so cute & adorable... =))
Although the living rm is very noisy, he still sleep all the way through the whole afternoon without waking up...So amazing...My aunt told me tat Ace likes the surrounding to be noisy. If the surrounding is quiet, he will wake up...This baby is really Yu Zhong Bu Tong...hahaha...

Me & Little Krystal

Hehez...Also took a pic with Krystal, Ace's elder sis. She jus passed her 1yr old Birthday. She is really cute lor...Likes to play with her...When u sing to her, she will be very happy & dance... If u ask her where is didi, she will point to her baby bro...so CUTE!!! How I wish tat I can see her more often & play with her...but she have to call me gugu leh...sounds so old...=.=!

It is also very rare to have birthday of parents n children together right? But this really happened to my cousin's family...Krystal's Birthday is 19 Dec, my cousin's Birthday is 20 Dec & Ace's Birthday is 21 Dec...Very rare right....lolx...

Me, My mum & sis

Went IMM with my mum & sis last friday for shopping...In the end nothing much to buy there...*Sianz*

Had dinner at Fish & Co. Its the first time for mum & sis eating there. So I ordered seafood platter for 2 for the 3 of us...After knowing tat its for 2, my mum said:"Enough anot??" I told her:"Confirm enough one. Me & my frens always ordered tat for 3 or 4 pple to share." Do you know what happened in the end? We can't finish the food...haha...So full man... =P

Hmmm...go to go...coz i don really good at writing and this is my limit...Lolx...

Be patient and I will be back for more updates...Nitez Nitez =))

9:50 PM, ♥Ting Ting♥

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

HaVinG NigHtmAreS aGaiN!!!

Last nite when I was asleep, suddenly I had stomachache so I went ot the toilet but in the end nothing come out...I know i'm abit disgusting but the pain is really unbearable...Can u imagine i was sleeping but was wake up by the pain...Haiz...think muz be the stomach flu i had on Monday n i'm not fully well yet...i also passed the flu to my bro...

Okay...back to the nightmare part...so after the toilet, i went back to sleep...the dream i'm having is so scary tat i woke up again but this time, i don't even dare to open my eyes...I dreamt that there were *ghost* in my hse but i can't c them...onli my sis saw them n she keep grabbing my hands n pointed at an area where i can't c anything...I jus quickly shut my rm door n started praying...but those things jus don't wanna go...They started to bang on my rm door...it was so loud n scary n i can onli continue praying...I think even when i woke up, i was still praying...Really dunno how to describe how i feel...Haiz...

Went dinner last nite with Veron, Amy & Pj to celebrate my birthday...We ate dinner at Wisma's Ding Tai Feng. After tat we went to Coffee Bean at Ngee Ann City...ate too full...maybe tat's why i got stomachache... =P

Photos taken at Coffee Bean

I think i shd stop now...gotta sleep early tonite coz of the nitemare i have not sleep well last night...was really busy at office too...so many things to be done but don seems to have enough time...I really don wanna think abt work now...*Yawnz*

9:03 PM, ♥Ting Ting♥

Sunday, January 14, 2007

St James PowerHouse!

Went to St James PowerHouse to celebrate my birthday on Friday...It was raining quite heavily that nitez but all my frens still come regardless of the heavily rain...Thanks alot u guys & gals!

Alicia & Me
Me & Vreniz
Me & Veron
Me & Yvonne
Funny Eugene & Raymond
Me & Cat (My Ex-colleague)
Eva (My colleague) & Me
Kairen & MeMe & Ping Guang

Opened a bottle there and became a member...but most of my frens have something on the next morning n their bf are driving, so they left quite early...In the end i still got ard half a bottle left...(You guys & gals better go back with me 1 day to finish my bottle okie? ^_^)
At first, I was busy running in n out to bring my frens in so sorry that i did not manage to entertain most of you...I'm really sorry...Did not drink too much tat night but all thanx to Kairen, he bought me a WaterFall as my birthday present...I was really high after tat drink...Luckily managed to stay awake and went to O bar with Yvonne & Raymond after the rest had left...
Finally, i get to dance at O bar. However, there is these 2 guys who keep wanna dance with me n 1 of them even grabbed my hands to prevent me from leaving...Luckily Raymond came to my rescue...(thanks to Yvonne who i thougth she jus left me there when that guy grabbed me but actually she went to call for help...thanks gal. =))
Reached home ard 3 plus. Was quite drunk by then. That WaterFall was really powerful...haha...Enjoyed that nite other than the horrified experience at o bar...
Last but not least, Thank you all for the presents....I really liked them very much! *HuGz & KiSsEs*

10:33 PM, ♥Ting Ting♥


~Hehe...Today is my big day...Went K Lunch with pipi, her bf colin, her sis & her sis's bf...Had a great time singing.. =))

Me & Pipi

Pipi's sis & her Bf

Hmmm...Wat's colin doing?

In the end, Pipi paid for me. She said it was my birthday so its on her...Thanks alot gal... *Muackz* haha...

Pipi is one of my closest gal fren...We know each other since kindergarden...so its like we have known each other for 18yrs...(Wow...tat was older than my sis...haha) She's always there for me when i need someone to talk to...be by my side when i'm having my darkest days...I feel really fortunate to have her as my fren...Love ya gal...<33

Okay...back to my birthday...haha~ After K lunch, pipi saw alot of toys vending machine n started her great collection again...i think she spent more than $10 on the machine in order to collect all the 4 cute designs...Each turn is $2 lor...In the end i got 2 too coz she got repeated design...shd post the pix of those cute toys next time...Actually, the toys are really KAWAII~~

Shd end this blog now...will post another one soon coz got alot of pics to upload...Pics taken during my birthday celebration at St James PowerHouse on friday...So stay tune...

10:17 PM, ♥Ting Ting♥

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


All thanks to yun that i finally manage to change the skin of my blog...Have been trying to change to this skin since last night but keep having trouble. Keep being prompt of some stupid error messages. I onli found out today that I'm using the new blogspot while the skin onli can be used in the old one...

But thanks to yun, as she managed to amend abit of the HTML template n now I can use this skin... =) So happy now...(However, still got alot of things that I need to change...think I will continue to explore tml...)

Yun, since u are so nice to me, I help you to promote your preorder at my blog...hehe~
Okie...gals out there...my fren yun is doing some preorder online. I have been buying from her n the texture n material of the clothes she selling are not bad...The proces are reasonable too...All these clothes are from Taiwan...Please feel free to view the clothes at the following website... http://luvfashion.blogspot.com

So tired now... ~Yawnz~
Been busy all day with my work...There are so many things to be done by this week but time is not waiting for me...So many reports muz be out by this week and my AM is going on maternity anytime now...Haiz...Guess I have to work ot tml...

Opps! Jus realised I have not hang up the clothes tat I throw into the washing machine...Better stop writing now n go hang up the washed clothes before my dad gets back. If not, he will start to nag at me again...

Btw, will try to upload pics soon...

Good Nite & Sweet Dreamz...

11:18 PM, ♥Ting Ting♥

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Hihi...welcome to kerlynz Secret Garden...

Used to blog a little but stopped for quite somewhile...

So now here i am at blogspot to start blogging again... =P

7:34 PM, ♥Ting Ting♥




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