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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lazy to Blog

I’m really sorry to those who visited my blog. I know I have not been updating. The most is like once a week nowadays. I’m just too lazy to blog. I have not been bringing my camera out to take photos too. Since Shuyun complained that I only blogged once a week, I shall try to blog more often again. Someone also complained that the fronts are too small so I decided to increase the front size abit this time. The following are a summary of what I had done for the past few weeks.

Warning: It will be a very long entry with minimum photos because I have not got the photos from my friends yet.

Ratatouille 07/09/07

Meet up with Kenny to watch Ratatouille after work. This xiao di was sweet enough to accompany me to watch Ratatouille although he claimed that he doesn’t watch cartoons at cinema (Sounds familiar right? Hahaha…because I said the same thing before.) and to come to harbourfront to wait for me to off work.

Initially we wanted to watch at Vivo City but the time slot we want already quite full when I want to book online that morning. Only left the front few rows. In the end, we watched it at PS.

I did not regret of watching Ratatouille. It’s funny, cute & heart-warming. Kenny also enjoyed the show. After that, we just went for a quick bite and then home sweet home. Actually its also a catch up for us before he go into NS on the following Friday.

Bukit Timah Hill 08/09/07

Work up really early that morning as I and vreniz had planned to go for a hike at Bukit Timah Hill. However, its was raining cats and dogs when I woke up. Sms vreniz and we decided to meet up for breakfast first and see how’s the weather goes after that. She picked me up at 815am and off we go to KAP for our Mac breakfast.

Luckily the rain stopped and after vreniz’s colleague arrived, we started our hike. The weather was cooling after the rain and the air was fresh. I could say that it was ideal for a hike and don’t worry that the path might be muddy. Only a few small part of the path is muddy. We finished the route up and down in an hour plus. Planned to go again and try another longer route next time.

Ger, I can’t wait for our next hiking trip.

Blood Donation & NATAS Fair 14/09/07

There was a Blood Donation Drive that day at Harbourfront so I and Yong decided to donate our blood. Went down during lunch time and I could see that the respond was good. After filling up the form, checking my BP and iron level, it’s finally my turn. Oh, forgot to mention that this was my second time to donate blood.

My first blood donation experience was not a really pleasant one. Just when the nurse wanted to remove the needle, she started to ask me if I’m feeling alright and at that instant, I started to feel giddy and nausea. The nurse had to lower my head and lift my legs higher to help my blood to circulate to my upper body. End up resting there for quite some while before leaving with a pale face but I did manage to donate a pack of blood.

My experience for this time round is worse. My fingers started to feel numb and cold after the nurse inserted the needle. And after 5 minutes, I started to feel giddy and nausea. The nurse had to stop the extraction and quickly lower my head and lift my legs. They even had the doctor to come over to check my BP. The doctor told me that my BP was very low and I had to rest there for awhile before she checks my BP again. Rested there for half an hour and the doctor checked my BP again. Actually my BP is still too low for me to go back to office but I insisted because I had to help cover the reception that day. In the end, one of the personnel accompanied me up to my office. Guess I can’t donate blood. Think I have to go for a thorough body check-up soon.

After work, went to NATAS fair with my colleague. She and her bf brought me to ECP for dinner. Omg…the satay there tasted really nice. The satay meat is tender and juicy. Its one of the best satay I had tried. I will definitely go back there to eat again but provided I have someone to chauffer me there. Haha…Think I’m having fat hopes.

Back to NATAS fair. It was not as crowded as I thought it would be. Maybe it was the first day of the fair so the crowd was still ok. Went to look for ah pi and colin as they were working at the mastercard booth handling the lucky draw. Chatted with them awhile and went to walk around myself. Found some great deals for Phuket trip which I was planning for but seems like god was hinting me that I should not go Phuket due to the earthquake at Indonesia last week and the plane crash at Phuket on Sunday. Sianz~ I really hope that I can go Phuket.

Volleyball Matches & Dlb O 15/09/07

Woke up early and rushed down to meet Ailing and Joey at Toa Payaoh Hub for Mac breakfast. (Ya. Mac breakfast again. That explains why I’m getting fatter and fatter.) Initially I’m going there to support their team but I ended up as a player too. (I’m actually an illegal palyer. Haha. Should not elaborate further.)

Our first match starts at 1040am and the whole think finally ended around 4pm. I was really exhausted by that time and had bruises on both my knees and my left palm. However, I really enjoyed the game. I had not played volleyball for quite sometime and our team still managed to get the 5th place without any training being done.

Rushed home after that because I’m to Dbl O that night with Vreniz, Yvonne and Gary and meeting vreniz at city hall at 815pm. I had a quick shower and dinner, doll up, put on my dancing shoes and off I go. Window shopped awhile at Raffles City before Gary arrived. I saw a Guess bag that I liked. I will probably buy it before September ends because there is an additional 10% discount for UOB card holder.

Dbl O was fun as usual. We tried something new that night. It’s called “Sex on the pool table”. Lolx. It’s a shot smelled and tasted like caramel. Too bad veron can’t join us that night. However, we are planning our next clubbing trip on Hari Raya as suggested by veron. Hope to see you soon ger.

PS: I’m really sorry for the lack of photos uploaded. Will insert the photos asap when I get them.

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